Foundation of Assistance Programmes for Agriculture (FAPA) was established by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy acting on behalf of the State Treasury on April 17, 1992.

The mission of FAPA, in accordance with its Charter, is to support actions aiming at the development of rural areas, agriculture, agricultural markets and sectors of agricultural economy. FAPA implements projects and acts as project implementation advisor, conducts research and prepares analyses, as well as renders publication services and last, but not least, functions as information centre.
Projects implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture with FAPA’s support and by FAPA itself benefit Polish agriculture, rural areas and agricultural markets. Economic analyses prepared by FAPA professional staff focus on rural areas, agricultural policy, operation and monitoring of agricultural markets. Information disseminated by the Foundation concern rural areas and agri-food industry.

Basic sources of funding FAPA’s operation and projects implemented by the Foundation originally included the European Union Phare Programme and such donors as: USA Government, the World Bank, Know-How Fund, British Agriculture Development Fund. Currently, the Foundation is chiefly funded from the resources of the Ministry of Agriculture as well as from donations.

The main beneficiaries of FAPA’s projects include the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, institutions operating for the benefit of agriculture and rural development in Poland, farmers and agri-food entrepreneurs, rural communities. FAPA’s actions are conducted in close cooperation with the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture as well as academic bodies, local governments and agricultural extension centers, including numerous other agricultural institutions, such as Agricultural Markets Agency and Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.

Projects implemented by FAPA must be reported to FAPA Management Board, by means of annual reports on implemented actions.