Accession to the EU
Prior to the accession of Poland to the EU, SAEPR team members participated in the work of 10 MARD Working Groups, with the aim of monitoring the preparations of particular sectors of agri-food economy for integration within the EU. They participated in screening sessions in Brussels, in which EU and Polish legislation was examined. They addressed the representatives of the European Commission with certain issues concerning the organisation of agricultural markets in Poland as well as the timetable for adjustment to EU requirements.
SAEPR employees participated in accession negotiations and working meetings with the European Commission, drafted analyses for this purpose in negotiations and contributed greatly to SAPARD and to the SOP ‘Restructuring and Modernisation of Food Sector 2004-2006’.
Studies conducted by SAEPR also concerned key issues relating to the integration of Polish agriculture with the EU. In particular they examined potential financial gains due to direct payments, effects of adopting EU prices of agricultural commodities and potential benefits offered by CAP accompanying instruments and EU Structural Funds, as well as the effects of integration on the whole agricultural sector and rural areas. One example of this is a study of the effect of introducing common market organizations on the economic situation of Polish farms.