Common Agricultural Policy Analysis
Among those analyses prepared by SAEPR there are those enquiring into changes of the Common Agricultural Policy and Rural Development Policy. Before the accession of Poland to the EU several studies of the effects of Fischler’s reforms on Poland were published. SAEPR experts also examined the new CAP measures post 2004. It was SAEPR which developed the prototype of the direct payment system, the basis of which is the Single Area Payment System (SAPS) which operates today, along with a system of national top ups. This system of paying direct support to Polish farmers enabled Poland to use, to the fullest extent possible, the advantages of reformed agricultural policy mechanisms which has benefited the fast development of Polish agriculture. SAPS also allowed for the maximum use of EU funds.
SAEPR has prepared several reports on cross-compliance, and on the possibilities and scope of domestic support to agriculture, as well as a study on CAP simplification.
During the reform of the sugar regime SAEPR prepared analyses of subsequent variants of this reform and joined efforts aiming at the establishment of a direct payment system for sugar beet growers.
CAP reform is still under way and soon it will affect other CMOs, including fruit and vegetables, grain, dairy, as well as other EU policies, such as those concerning EU trade with third countries. SAEPR is engaged in discussions concerning another stage of CAP revision, the so called CAP health-check, scheduled for 2008.