Controlling and Monitoring Unit
Controlling and Monitoring Unit (CMU) controls the correctness of implemented tasks, checks whether actions are conducted in line with legal provisions, adopted procedures, contracts and agreements. The Unit also conducts systemic audits concerning management, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and cost-effectiveness in FAPA units and entities co-operating with FAPA based on co-operation agreements.
Since FAPA acts as an Implementing Agency for Measures 1.3 ‘Training’, 1.4 ‘Support of agricultural extension services’, and 2.7 ‘Leader+ Pilot Programme’, included in Sectoral Operation Programme: ‘Restructuring and Modernization of Agri-food Sector and Rural Development, 2004-2006, Controlling and Monitoring Unit executes the following tasks
-         Conducts controls of the implementation of projects, including on the spot checks and controls at beneficiary’s premises.
-         Controls procedures of awarding procurement contracts
-         Monitors implementation and reporting.
-         Fights shortcomings in the use of Program funds.
-         Gives advice and opinions on systemic, institutional and procedural solutions.