Rural Development Unit
Rural Development Unit (ZRW) acts for the benefit of rural development by implementing domestic and international schemes targeted at rural sector. The unit supports the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) as well as other institutions in the implementation of EU schemes, with particular focus on Leader program, and implements other programs targeted at rural development. ZRW tasks also include subject mater support to MARD by providing input to documentation for Leader implementation in Poland for the next period of programming, i.e. 2007-2013. In 2006 ZRW operated based on the terms and conditions of Contract No. ROW/7.2006 ‘Implementing actions funded from EAGGF Guidance Section in Measures: ‘Training’ (1.3), Support to agricultural extension services’ (1.4) and ‘LEADER+ Pilot Programme’ (2.7), entered into on April 28, 2006, by and between the Ministry of Agriculture and FAPA. Basic actions executed by ZRW included accepting and verifying payment applications within Scheme I, accepting and assessing applications for funding projects in the framework of Scheme II, conducting training and participating in meetings for beneficiaries, preparing procedures concerning implementation of Leader + Pilot Program, including preparing specimen implementation documents for approval of Managing Institution, co-operating with employees of relevant MARD departments in the framework of current matters as well as issues concerning Leader Program for the period 2007-2013.
Basic tasks implemented by ZRW include:
-         preparation and execution of agreements for financing projects’ implementation entered into between FAPA and beneficiaries,
-         examining applications for addendum and signing addenda to financing agreements.
-         handling beneficiaries applying for funds,
-         conducting training sessions and giving explanations in the scope of preparing applications for funds,
-         formal and financial verification of submitted applications for funds and verification of the conformity of project implementation reports with financing agreements.
-         monitoring and surveillance of project implementation.
-         correspondence with beneficiaries and answering their questions in the scope of competence of Implementing Institution.
-         daily co-operation with the employees of relevant MARD departments.
-         preparing procedures concerning the implementation of Leader+ Pilot Program.
-         participation in meetings and giving opinions on materials and documents concerning Leader+ Program for the period 2007-2013.