Structural Funds’ Unit
Structural Funds’ Unit was established in 2004 for the purpose of implementing projects within Measure 1.3: Training and Measure 1.4: Support of agriculture extension services, in the framework of Sectoral Operational Program ‘Restructuring and Modernization of Food Sector and Rural Development 2004-2006’. Moreover, ZFS provides technical support for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development by preparing concepts of rural development for 2007-13.
Tasks vested in ZFS include:
-         Preparing implementation procedures;
-         Conducting information campaign for potential beneficiaries on detailed rules and scope of implemented Measures;
-         Making announcements of tenders for training and extension services for farmers;
-         Accepting and verifying applications for funds.
-         Formal and subject-matter verification of application for funds.
-         Preparing characteristics of projects and lists of projects for Working Groups by SOP Steering Committee, who evaluate the projects, as well as servicing SOP Working Groups in the scope of the Measures implemented.
Based on the SOP Steering Committee recommendation the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development accepts projects for implementation.
-         Drafting and executing agreements for project funding between FAPA and beneficiaries, based on a Project List approved by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.;
-         Examining applications for addendum and signing addenda to agreements for funds.
-         Monitoring and supervision of project implementation.
-         Accepting and verifying beneficiaries’ applications for funds against the Agreements signed.
-         Accepting, assessing and approving reports on project implementation filed by beneficiaries.
Based on payment order issued by FAPA, the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture makes payment to a beneficiary.
-         Participating in procedures involving establishment and explanation of irregularities.
-         Participating in debt recovery proceedings.
-         Participating in appeal proceedings.
-         Accepting and checking monitoring questionnaire.