FAMMU Reports

FAMMU issues the following types of reports:
- Cereals, Oilseeds and Protein Crops
- Meat and Poultry
- Milk and Dairy Products
- Fruit and Vegetables
- Sugar
- Rural Development Policy

Information reaches recipients via weekly news and quotations from markets. The headlines of current information are available above by clicking a name of a particular commodity monitored by FAMMU. Broader reports are prepared in the form of quarterly editions.

A constant and very important element of FAMMU operations involves preparing analyses of foreign trade in agri-food products. They are published quarterly and annually. First such analyses and publications prepared by FAMMU appeared in December 1995. Since February 1996 the reports have been published systematically.

FAMMU also reacts to exceptional events taking place on the agri-food market, as well as addresses the needs of our recipients, by drafting special reports and analyses.