Information and Documentation Centre

Information and Documentation Centre (CID) was established in November 1995 in the framework of a project financed from Phare funds. The main aim of this FAPA unit is to facilitate the work of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), and to disseminate knowledge on rural areas, agriculture and EU agri-food policy among all those interested. During the pre-accession period CID provided MARD with the access to specialized knowledge, Official Journals of European Communities as well as Polish translations of selected EU legislative documents which were necessary for adjusting Polish agricultural sector to the EU requirements.
Since the support of MAFE actions undertaken for the benefit of rural development is necessary on permanent basis, CID has been conducting and constantly developing its publishing services.
As a result of its ten-year operation CID has collected over 3600 publications, including books, dictionaries and encyclopedias, analyses, reports, articles and nearly 70 periodicals in Polish and English. They all create a unique and remarkably rich library, the resources of which are grouped according to the following subjects: particular branches of agriculture, agriculture transformation, particular aspects of rural development. Publications gathered in CID relate to, among others, common agricultural policy, agricultural markets operation, structural and regional EU policies, rural development, environmental protection, rural tourism, agricultural economics, agribusiness, agricultural extension services, agricultural organizations, agri-food industry, food quality and to a lesser extent, animal breeding and cultivation of various crops.
The publishing role of CID must not be underestimated. Hitherto, with the cooperation of MARD and a number of renowned academics, in the framework of actions implemented by FAPA, CID published 400 books, brochures and periodicals. One of them - a weekly – ‘Agroekspres – a week in the European Union’, developed on the basis of foreign sectoral magazines, is an overview of the most important current issues of EU internal and external rural and agricultural policies.
Apart from the above mentioned publications CID provides access to a whole range of reports on Phare and SAPARD projects implemented in cooperation with FAPA. All the resources of CID library are made available in CID reading room, and those interested in FAPA publications may also receive them by mail on request addressed to CID.

FAPA publications include, among others:
List of Traditional Products 2005-2006
LEADER initiative – first experience and development opportunities
FAPA information guide 2006. LEADER + pilot programme. Training. Support of agricultural extension services.
Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indications, List of Protected names and traditional products, Common Agricultural Policy – functioning and reforms
Code of Good Agricultural Practice
Ordinary Good Agricultural Practice

FAPA Information and Documentation Centre
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