Component B2 - Education

Refurbishment-investment part

      As for refurbishment-investment part two types of tasks are implemented: school network consolidation (refurbishment and equipment of dayrooms) and school rehabilitation. Until the end of December 2002 total number of 454 contracts were concluded within the refurbishment-investment part, totaling for above 40 mln PLN. 416 tasks were completed and the amount spent for refurbishment-investment tasks exceeded 31 mln PLN.

      As for the school network consolidation 78 dayrooms were renovated and equipment for 139 dayrooms was delivered till the end of December 2002.

      As for the school rehabilitation, 107 schools were renovated, including 279 classrooms.

Training-didactic part

      The bidding procedures to be conducted within training-didactic part concern the following projects:
1. training program for teachers and school directors,
2. information technology training,
3. purchase of computer equipment,
4. purchase of educational materials and equipment (teaching aids).

      The bidding procedures will be conducted by the Program Coordination Unit in cooperation with VPIUs, and, after the bidding process is completed, contracts for implementation of particular projects shall be concluded between chosen training providers/suppliers of goods and voivodships participating in B2 subcomponent.

      The demand for above mentioned training and goods was settled basing on the applications for co-financing submitted by gminas/powiats entitled to participate in RDP, NSCs approved the ranking lists of projects to be co-financed in May and June 2002. Agreements on implementation of training-didactic tasks, indicating the amounts of particular training/goods, were signed between gminas/powiats and particular voivodships in the period between September and November 2002.

      The process of approving of the bidding documents for above mentioned projects has not yet been finalized. As for the training projects - the bidding documents are foreseen to be sent to the companies that qualified for the short lists till the end of March 2003. The above mentioned training and purchase projects are planned to be implemented in the year 2003, and as for the training - also in the year 2004.

Internet-based Educational Resource Center (IERC)

      On October 22nd, 2002 the contract for "Technical assistance for Internet-based Educational Resource Center" was concluded between Ministry of National Education and Sport and OSI CompuTrain S.A.. The implementation of the contract shall be completed in April 2003. Within the contracting obligations OSI CompuTrain S.A. prepared bidding documents for purchase of equipment for Internet-based Educational Resource Center (IERC). IERC is anticipated to start operating on September 1st, 2003. OSI CompuTrain S.A. is currently preparing materials to be placed in IERC.

Technical assistance in implementation and monitoring

      The contract for implementation of the project was concluded on January 14th, 2001 between the Ministry of National Education and Sport and EPRD (Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development). The company provides technical assistance to both MoNES Project Team and VPIUs. EPDR prepared "Conception of Program effects evaluation" and began to implement the concept. EPRD contract completion is planned for mid-September 2003.

Eligibility rules to apply for grants for schools and day rooms refurbishment and equipment