Component B1 - Labour Redeployment

Assumptions and tasks
      The Labour Redeployment component is meant to assist the impoverished inhabitants of rural areas through the development of their professional skills and enabling to use them for generation of income. Following will be financed under the component:
- Economy and labour market studies with the idea to identify employer expectations and compare them to the local workforce potential;
- The Labour Redeployment programme, finances the instruments, aimed chiefly at activeness stimulation and generation of employment opportunities within rural communities. To this end, following services will be provided under the programme:
- Professional advisory and information;
- Labour intermediation services;
- Training aimed at professional re-qualification and stimulation of the job seeking skills;
- Assistance in finding temporary, non-agricultural job;
- Training and advisory on the non-agricultural business;
- Small business incubators; and
- Advisory and training for the powiat government in terms of the design and delivery of the programmes, targeted at unemployment reduction and development of entrepreneurial attitudes.

      Voivodships selected for the Microcredits component include: kujawsko-pomorskie, lubelskie, małopolskie, podkarpackie, ¶więtokrzyskie, warmińsko-mazurskie and zachodniopomorskie.
Component beneficiaries:
- Owners of up to 3 notional hectares farms; and
- Household members of those referred to above, if the average monthly per capita income is below the average.
Eligible beneficiaries live in the rural and mixed urban and rural gminas and small townships (of up to 15 thousand population). The subcomponent does not cover pensioners and those eligible for the pre-pension benefits and allowances.

Implementation units
    The Project Team of the Pre-accession and Structural Programmes Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is responsible for the overall supervision of the subcomponent. The Team provides technical assistance and monitors the services provided under the subcomponent. The PCU co-ordinates implementation of, and information flows within the component, in close co-operation with the Project Team and the Voivodship Project Implementation Units, which are the implementation units at the voivodship level.
Services under the subcomponent will be rendered by the service providers, selected in a bidding process.